To make your decisions easier, we have compiled the 5 best voice calling apps for Android.

Voice calls are now an integral part of the life of all smartphone owners. A few years ago, voice and video calls were painful. In most cases, you have had to deal with lost pictures, video delays during video calls, and asynchronous sound with voice calls. However, technological advancements and high-speed Internet connections have dramatically changed this.

You can now interact with people instantly with just a few clicks on our phone. Voice calling is a smooth experience, but choosing the best voice calling app can be a bit confusing scenario because there are too many apps available in the App Store. To make your decisions easier, we have compiled the 5 best voice calling apps for Android. Keep in mind that these apps are also great for video calling.

  • Rating the number of downloads of video calling apps
  • Google Duo over 4.5 billion
  • Skype over one billion 4.3
  • WhatsApp Messenger over 5 billion 4.3
  • Hangouts over 4.1 billion
  • Facebook Messenger More than a billion 4.2

Google Duo is the first app to consider for video calling. This app is currently one of the simplest video chat apps available on the Play Store. To get started, just add your phone number and an OTP will be sent to complete the setup. The app can then go to the home screen and start a video call with just one click. The popularity of this app can be determined by the fact that it has been downloaded over 100 million times and has an overall rating of 4.6 stars.

The biggest advantage of this call app is that you can connect to video calls even on slow and spotty networks. Whenever bandwidth is limited, Google Duo lowers the resolution to prevent the call from being disconnected. Second, there is a keystroke feature that allows the user to see the caller before they answer the call. The app also allows you to make voice-only calls and send video messages. This app is cross-platform and works between iOS and Android. In conclusion, with a minimalist design and an easy to use interface, Google Duo is probably one of the best video calling apps.

Skype is one of the oldest apps for free video calls. The best part about it is the ability to make video calls on smartphones, tablets, computers, and most other computing devices. The app has many new designs and features. First of all, users can send texts, photos, videos, voice messages, etc. via the app. You can also create groups. The company also supports native texting, contacts and phone calls, data usage tracking, India-focused Skype bots, free Skype voice or video calls, video group calls, etc.

Quick Capture allows users to quickly swipe to capture photos and videos. Then there is an Instagram story-like highlight sharing where you can update the highlights of the day. Other users can reply to highlights with emoticons and send private messages. The climax remains visible for only 7 days. Overall, this app offers great features, has received over a billion downloads and has an overall rating of 4.1 stars, making it one of the most used apps for video calling.

WhatsApp is one of the most used chat messengers in the world. The app was originally introduced as a text messaging app, but things have changed dramatically since Facebook took over. The app has a lot of cool features, one of the most popular being additional features like voice and video calling. Since the quality of these new additions is on par with other services, it certainly has an edge over the competition.

To use this feature, just tap the Phone icon in your contact’s profile window. When you press the phone button, a pop-up window will appear asking you to make a voice call or video call. The app has the ability to switch between voice and video calls by simply pressing a video button during a call.

Google’s latest messaging app, Hangouts, is certain one of the most interesting applications of the moment. The app has many new features and the ability to make video and voice calls and is definitely on the top 5 list. With Hangouts, users can also make group video calls. This option is not available in most video calling applications. Additionally, other users can make free voice and video calls as long as they use Hangouts. Please do not forget. It is tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem.

You can also connect your Google Voice account for phone, texting, and voicemail integration.

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